Band 1: Various Cruelties

The great thing about living in London is the fact that it is the entertainment capital of Europe. I no longer have to travel to see bands, for once they all come to me. With my goal of seeing 50 bands by December 31st, it’s time to kick this list off.

The first band I have been lucky enough to stumble across this year was Various Cruelties. When I say stumble, I mean I had no idea I was going to see them until they were standing right in front of me. After being on a very tight budget and longing for some type of entertainment I found a website which offers tickets to live filmings of television shows for FREE. The show I scored tickets to was: Morgan Spurlock’s New Brittannia.

Morgan Spurlock’s the guy from Supersize Me who lived off McDonalds for a month or so. Anyway his new show, filmed at the BBC is all about his comparisons of American and British Culture (if you happen to catch the episode about sport look out for me in the audience).

Anyway so Morgan had himself a house band for the night who go by the name of Various Cruelties. If you haven’t heard of them yet I’m sure you soon will, They have just started their U.K tour and were even lucky enough to feature on Later With Jools Holland. I watched this band stand there waiting to play an 8 second segway with bored/angry looks on their faces which gave them true rock star cred.

When the band were finally given the lime light to perform the song ‘Neon Truth’ even the overweight, middle-aged chavs were tapping their feet. I would describe it as one of those songs that you love until More FM gets a hold of it and thrashes them like a dog with a rabbit covered in cat blood.

So be quick, be cool and give this track a listen before the world hears it:

Various Cruelties – Neon Truth

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