I’m not one to talk about the weather…

Seriously I’m not…but after my blizzardous day I feel it’s worth mentioning..

Growing up in the South Island of New Zealand I feel as though I am qualified to know what cold feels like. Living through a Christchurch winter with a gas heater that did nothing but get everyone high on fumes, kicking in (out) the driving door of my car after it’s frozen shut, waking up in a bedroom that’s below zero and ice has formed on the INSIDE of the windows…I could go on.

Well I feel all these memories of an icy winter seem insignificant after the pain I felt today. Everyone warned me it would be cold in London, it wasn’t until today did I understand what they meant.

The week ahead

I don’t believe the temperatures on the above forecast really do justice to the pain I feel when walking into a gale force wind that stings like a knife on fire (well cold fire).

I’m starting to hate all my friends who are complaining about the heat back home. If only they knew what I was going through…

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