Seeing Stars

The view from the worlds most uncomfortable seats

I’m not talking about the stars in the night sky, I’m quite sure they don’t exist in London. This week I took advantage of the many free shows on offer in this wonderful city and was lucky enough to score tickets to both Britain’s Got Talent and Graham Norton.

Britain’s Got Talent is where it all started for Susan Boyle so I was expecting to see something amazing, what I saw was well… ok I guess. We had to be at the Apollo Theatre in Hammersmith at 5pm for a show that was due to start at 8. After a long wait in the icy winter breath of London we were finally allowed inside to one of the most back achingly uncomfortable seats I have ever had the displeasure of sitting in. 40 minutes later in walk the judges Simon Cowell, Carmen Electra (idk why) and two others, (I think one was from Little Britain). As for the talent, well the show had a variety of crazies, heart broken soul singers, contortionists, predictable magicians, new age dancers and peace loving gong players. The one act that I think is gonna go far would be a man from Texas who went to town on two guitars, strumming hard to a Mumford and sons type climatic tune. The one thing this night taught me about the British people is that they are bloody quick to judge. One act didn’t even have a chance to open their mouths before the chavy scrubber behind us would scream “BOOOOOO” or “BOOOORING.” She like most of the other talentless audience members suffering from tall poppy syndrome were the reason we decided to leave early (Let’s hope we didn’t miss the winner).

The next night we were all geared up for Graham Norton, although I hate comedians this guy was actually funny. Arriving at ITV studios we waited yet another two hours in the cold (I’m told it was -1, but was too cold to take my hands out of my pockets). The line up of guests was up there, this included: Dame Judi Dench, Dev Patel (Slum dog millionaire), Suzi Perry (host of The Great British Bake Off) and pop idol winner Will Young. To be in a room with this kind of stardom was rather incredible. I sat there with my mouth open in awe for a good two hours. Hearing Judi Dench talk about her childhood and Dev talking about Skins season one was like a dream come true, even the uncomfortable seats didn’t bother me.

Will definitely be keeping my eye out for more free shows in future. Only in london for two years so we must make the most of every opportunity.

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