Band 2: The Black Keys

The Black Keys @ Alexander Palace

After pulling out of Big Day Out 2011 at the last minute I thought it would be a long time before I would have the opportunity to see The Black Keys play live again. Finding out about this gig at the last minute meant I paid an extreme price for my ticket but it was definitely worth every cent, these guys lived up to all expectations.

Due to consuming two bottles of wine before arriving my memory of the evenings events are a tad hazy. I don’t remember them coming on, or their first song, but I remember the songs I was looking forward to hearing the most. I think they played most songs off El Camino. A definite highlight was ‘Little Black Submarines.’ just when you think this slower song is coming to an end they rip into a heavy guitar  solo which got the crowd going crazy. Another highlight from El Camino was ‘Lonely Boy,’ this was towards the end of the set and went off, you could tell it was the track everyone was waiting to hear. ‘Tighten up’ was another song which made me wish I had more room to cut some shapes and the encore ‘Everlasting Light,’ screamed Glassons.

As I said definitely worth the 82 pounds! However, The crowd was a bit agro, I think one girl tried to fight me after I was pushed into her and I left the venue without a camera (a story I’d rather not get into). But bloody good show, I look forward to seeing The B.Ks again soon.

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