Band 7: Feist

I wasn’t sure what to expect from my very first sit down concert in London. I find that being swallowed by a crowd of equally enthusiastic music lovers usually makes a concert memorable. So as I climbed to the top of The Royal Albert Hall and found my seat next to a couple of old men I thought: ‘Am I going to enjoy this?’

Did I? Of course it’s Feist!

I was first introduced to this soulful Canadian many years ago when ‘1234’ hit the Ipod commercial and was in pretty high rotation. I then furthered my education with tracks like ‘I Feel It All’ and ‘My Moon, My Man.’ Feist seemed to disappear for a few years before releasing her latest album ‘Metals.’ This album is filled with powerful anthems of meaningless lyrics, but they all give me severe shivers down me spine.

‘Metals,’ was along with the Strokes ‘Angles,’ was among the top albums of 2011 and has even been described as Feist’s masterpiece. Tracks like ‘How come you never go there,’ ‘Commotion’ and my personal favorite ‘Graveyard’ are tracks that can be listened to thousands of times over without boredom.

Although the mood created by her music is a bit somber, this concert was anything but. She interacted with the crowd between every song often asking everyone to sing along, at one stage she even asked for the lucky people down stairs to join her for a dance on stage.

This show is one that will never leave my memory and of course a great introduction to one of Londons most famous venues.

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