Band 8: Santigold

Let me start this entry with a story…

So back in 2008 I received news that I would be completing my degree with an internship in Hawkes Bay. This meant I would be leaving all my friends behind and moving to a place where I knew nobody. After arriving I spent 89% of my time stressing at work and the other 11% at home in my tiny room wondering what fun everyone would be getting up to back home without me. I remember one sunny Sunday morning I was locked up in my cave, too scared to venture out and see what my new house mates were doing.  I opened up my laptop (which had no internet connection) and began to make an excel spreadsheet of the top 100 songs of the previous year. The song that came in at the top of my chart was Santigold’s L.E.S Artistes. Just a few weeks later she would be playing at Rhythm and Vines which was only a two hour drive from Hawkes Bay, unfortunately I had to work and instead of spending new years with my favorite artist from the previous year I played host to a party where a stabbing went down and an ambulance had to be called not once, but twice.

Four years later you can imagine my excitement when my mate Santi finally announced she would be playing at Heaven in Charring Cross. The show was one of the best I have seen since my arrived in the U.K.  L..E.S Artistes was the third song she played (although I thought it would have worked better as an encore) and it brought back all the memories of that time in my life I had to move away from all my mates.

‘Creator’ was another favorite; Santigold got a posse of fans up on stage to dance while she tried her best not to let them upstage her (I think she pulled it off). ‘Disaparate Youth’ one of the new tracks, came on towards the end and was better than any on the versions I have seen her perform on the Youtube. However, it’s much easier to view performances on Youtube with out getting a mouthful of hair from the haggard hose-beast in front of you.

As I am lucky enough to be seeing Santigold another two times this year, I am making it my personal mission to get on stage with her during ‘Creator.’ I feel I deserve a spot up there as Santigold and I have been through a lot together: Said goodbye to friends, hosted a stab party and coughed up a mouthful of hair.

Make sure you look out for me on stage at Hackney Weekend and Reading.

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