Bands 17-18: Blink 182 + The All American Rejects

This band takes me back to being at boarding school. Along the corridor you would hear ‘Dammit,’ ‘All the small things,’ or ‘Adams song’ coming from every door. I purchased tickets for this show under the influence of beer and nostalgia and was looking forward to heading back to The o2 to see this gig which has been postponed for almost a year.

The view I had was not great and the crowd around me didn’t move from their seats but that didn’t stop me getting ‘lost in the music!’ (lol). I was standing the entire time, even jumping a little bit. I’m so glad there was no-one there who knew me.

Top tracks?

First Date, All the small things, Feeling this and the encore…. DAMMIT.

I know the year is half gone and I haven’t quite gotten to 20 bands so I know I need to bulk this list up. So unfortunately I need to tell you that the All American Rejects were the opening act for Blink and the will bring my total band count this year to 18. You can probably tell that I am no fan of The All American Rejects, however I do love the song ‘swing swing’ and of course they played it. Takes me back to Holly’s party (O.C reference.)

Blink 182 @ the o2

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