Band 21: Jack White

Bloody Hell. What a busy week!


I wasn’t sure if I would love Jack as much without his anxious looking sidekick Meg, but I was pretty happy with the show the Jack put on. It was almost impossible to predict just what may happen, the previous night his show in Brixton consisted of an all male band and a completely different setlist but on MY night Jack sang along with a gang of ladies and a lot more of the ‘classics’ he failed to deliver to the unlucky punters the night before.

It was my first time down stairs at the Hammersmith Apollo (I had previously been upstairs for the ghastly B.G.T auditions). The floor was slightly sloped so no matter where you were standing you had a rather good view. I think he opened with ‘Dead leaves and the dirty ground,’ which got everyone in the mood for some White Stripe-ing goodness. He followed through with ‘Hotel Yorba’ ‘We’re going to be Friends’ ‘Doorbell’ and the track with one of the most famous rifts ever ‘Seven Nation Army.’

He also through in a touch of Dead Weather, Raconteurs and of course material from his new album ‘Blunderbuss.’

I felt like one of the luckiest people in the world to be hearing this music live from the artist who wrote the songs years after the band announced they were over. Needless to say The White Stripes live on!


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