Yesterday is History. Tomorrowland 2012

I dreamt of walking through the gates of Tomorrowland for almost six months – ever since seeing the amazing video hit youtube. It showed people losing themselves in the music; minds wiped clean by trance, dubstep and hard dance music. I was sold and had to join the party this year. Thankfully the tickets seemed to go on sale first in good old New Zealand and we were lucky enough to not be those Germans with long faces, sitting at home and wishing they could be part of the magic.

After a flight, two trains, one bus and a long walk with a bloody heavy pack, we set up camp next to a bunch of wingey poms who had no idea how to pitch a tent. But we were ready to take on Tomorrowland.

All my hopes and dreams came true when I saw the main stage for the first time! Four stories high, confetti, fireworks, gushing fountains and more! It’s one of those things you have to see to believe (lucky I got me some pictures).

I truly believe the thing that makes this festival what it is, is the fact that so many nationalities are united by the music. 176 different countries brought together with one love.

From this festival I gained a motto which I feel will join me for life:

Yesterday is history.

Today is a gift.

Tomorrow is a mystery,


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