V Festival 2012

The day started off fantastically! The sun came out, the northerners were friendly and the New Zealand sav was still slightly cold.  However, as the day grew older things just seemed to go from bad to worse…

We took a safari themed shuttle from our campsite to the festival and spirits were high! I believe I even led a chant from the front seat. After making our way through the friendly security team we headed off to see Stooshe, the U.K’s modern answer for TLC (So ‘TLC ‘ infact that they even covered Waterfalls).



After Stooshe finished we headed outside into the fresh Staffordshire air, looked at the timetable and discussed ‘whom should we see next?’ The line up seemed a lot more appealing when I looked at it online a few months earlier. We were stuck for anything to see so made our way to see Miles Kane (who ever that is) in fact it was here where the day hit it’s high.

I lay on the ground, the sun was high in the sky and one of my best friends lay beside me as we watched the clouds float by, it was some quality time to reflect on life.


Suddenly we were up again and seemed to teleport to the main stage where Tinie Tempah was in full swing, it’s here where the day seemed to deteriorate. I thought it would be a great idea to leave my friends behind so I could see Noah and the Whale , however on the way I got side tracked with the view of the V.I.P Area. I don’t know what it is about these special areas with all the elite people, I guess I just want to be part of the cool kids gang. After sweet-talking the bouncer he was happy to let me in. I went to get a bottle of warm chardonnay, only to find they wouldn’t accept my drink tokens, so I had to make a hasty escape… out the wrong exit.

It took me only moments to realize I had exited the festival, ‘that’s ok’ I thought ‘I’m sure security will understand.’ How wrong was I. They looked at me like I was dirt trying to re-enter without paying the fare. Even though I produced my drink tickets and official program they would not let me re-enter. The only thing they offered was to escort me to the front gates and informed me to NOT COME BACK. I could hear Noah and the Whale in the distance and felt absolutely devastated, £94 down the drain.

I return back to the campsite and proceeded to wait outside the tent, perhaps I could make friends with the northerners in the tent next door? No, they wouldn’t have a bar of me (serves me right for trying to make friends with 35 year old football hooligans I guess). So all I could do was wait outside the tent for five hours waiting for Ruth to return.

So not the best day of my life as you can imagine. Let’s hope Reading Festival next weekend holds more promise.

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