Reading 2012


Welcome to Reading

If I could sacrifice my bed, hygiene and my mind for simply one more day at Reading Festival I would give it all up in a second. I have got to say this festival can only be described as the climax of my summer.

The Band, the people, the weather, the atmosphere they were all perfect and believe it or not, at this festival there was not a single glitch. We arrived and set up our two man tent in the brown zone or ‘Brown town’ as I liked to call it.


Literally a stones throw

We were just a stones throw from the toilets, which to be honest I don’t think was the best idea as after day three the smell started to waft inside our small quarters and the combination of that and two unshowered bodies wasn’t too pleasant. But hey, you only live once, so might as make the most of what you’re given and that is exactly what we set out to do.


Day one started with a trip to the NME tent to see Spector, followed by The Hives and Passion Pit. They all seemed to blur into one but it was pretty special to see the Hives after being a fan for the past seven years. Passion pit also supplied some nostalgia of Splendour 2010 and I was stoked to see they hadn’t out grown playing the track that bought them fame ‘Little Secrets.’ We escaped the crowds and retreated to ‘Brown Town’ for some much needed refueling and then we were back to pass through security yet again for Foster the People. I knew this would be quite a popular set to see but we seemed to part the sea of people and make our way to quite a superb viewing point. After they got to the business end of the set shit started to get well cray!


Foster the People

After ‘Pumped up Kicks’ we pushed our way back, me with broken sunglasses and Kirsty with a broken heart after being told to go back to her own country but some agro pom. We managed to catch a little bit of Paramore but if I had to hear that blood Hayley Williams express her love for ‘England’ one more time I think I was going to hit someone. Next The Cure hit the main stage for a good three hours and I am glad to say I can add another tick to the bucket list after seeing them perform one of the best songs ever conceived: ‘Close to me.’

Waking up on day two I was feeling a little fragile but after little more warm vodka and friendly conversation with our welsh neighbours I was ready for another day of Reading! It started with a third visit to my good friends the Mystery Jets who have never failed to impress, although I had to sacrifice the finale to make my first stop in at the dance tent for my girl Grimes!



She really has it all going on and is yet to break the main stream market (believe me it’s going to happen). Oblivion, was of course the highlight and still is my pick for best song of 2012. Next I was off to See Santigold and more determined than ever to make my second appearance on the stage for ‘Creator,’ but of course security had to spoil it for me and three of them managed to grab my body as soon as it hit the other side of the barrier. I was still able to make my way back to the barrier for a prime viewing spot and felt I was still able to win the prize for biggest fan in the house, I think even Santi herself would agree after all the eye contact she gave me.



After heading back to ‘Brown Town; for another drinks break we got to the main stage for The Vaccines and Florence and the Machine, both good but not great, appealing but not memorable (but perhaps that could have been the heavy rain causing a distraction). Day two concluded with some good old fashion dance(ish) music provided by Katy B and Metronomy.


My brave face on the morning of day three

The Final day arrived and I was already feeling slightly depressed that it was all coming to an end. Of course I couldn’t let this feeling bring me down, not when Django Django and Joy Formidable were waiting for me. What we saw from these two bands was impressive! Particularly the drummer from Joy Formidable, I don’t know who that guy is but his enthusiasm was enough to make even a hearing impaired, elderly women weak at her wrinkly knees. Later in the day The Black Keys were back in sight, I don’t know what happened this time but I wasn’t as impressed as my first experience, I think this time the lack of view and mass of 16 year olds put a damper on the show. Two Door Cinema club were up next on the agenda and sacrificed playing new material from their soon to be released album to give the crowd what they wanted, the hits. I then went to the Foo Fighters, but that was really only to add another tick to my band box as I really cannot stand the classic cock rock rubbish called ‘music’ this band seems to endlessly produce. So the end was in sight, but now before The View, which I am now surprised to say was probably the highlight of the whole weekend for me, it really is true what they say: Always leave the best till last.


The View

Thank you Reading Festival for one of the best weekends of my life, I might be sore, exhausted and on the verge of having scurvy but it was worth every second.

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