As Winter Approaches..

I’m lying in bed for the second day in a row. I’m SICK (waaaaa) and I can’t believe I’m saying this but I would actually rather be at work. At least when I’m at work the days go quickly and I’m being (semi) productive. But when I’m sick all I can do is lie here and scroll through thousands of movie suggestions, most of which I’ve seen, the rest I don’t want to.

So as boredom clouds my mind, I think ahead to winter. The sunshine will be replaced with darkness, shorts replaced with trousers and cold beer replaced with mulled wine. Last winter seemed like a whole bunch of nothing, waking up every weekend and debating whether to brave the cold and actually do something, or stay in bed much like I am now and do nothing.

I figure as I only really have a year left I cannot waste my time doing things that I could be doing back in New ZARLIND and I should be spending my time with the friends who I unfortunately will not be seeing as regularly as I can now.

So this winter I must invest in some warm clothing and perhaps a cup of concrete in order to continue on and ignore the pain that the polar temperatures cause.


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