Band 49: Robyn

‘You wanna rumble in my jungle? I’ll take you on, stampede your rumba and send you home. You wanna rumble in space? I’ll put my laser on stun and on the North Pole I’ll ice your sun. You wanna a thriller in a Manilla? You’ll be killer bee stung, wanna taste the vanilla? Better WATCH your tongue! Coz I’ll hammer your toe like a pediatrician, saw you in half like I’m a magician, tear you down like I’m in demolition, count you out like a mathematician. I’m so very hot that when I rob you mansion you aint call the cops you call the fire station.’

I can still rap dis shit flawlessly even though I don’t think I have listened to this track from Robyn in since 2007 (or 8?)

It seems like quite a while that I have been to a gig, so without consulting my bank account first, I purchased my ticket to see Robyn at my favourite venue, Brixton Academy. The thing that made this gig so very special was the company I was with. Introducing one blonde friend to another created an epic amount of good times. In fact I think we spent most of the gig entertaining each other than Robyn entertaining us. It was a night of slut drops and raised hands, all to the beat of Robyn’s drum.

2 Favourite Blondes

She performed the whole show without standing still for a moment, just like you would expect after watching her videos. I was particularly looking forward to seeing the songs we used to dance on the orchard to back in 09’. ‘Handle me,’ ‘Cobra Style’ and of course ‘Konichiwa Bitches.’ Unfortunately the sound quality didn’t really do Robyn justice. Apparently she played ‘Handle Me’ but I think it must have gotten lost in the over-powering bass. ‘Konichiwa Bitches’ was performed in the second encore (yes the 2ND encore, who does that?) So we were in the foyer outside and I had to rap battle to the muffled sound of the track through the walls of the Brixton Academy.

Band 49. Just one more to go…

Robyn @ Brixton Academy

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