It’s been three weeks and one day since our household has been connected to the internet. I know this because without the internet I have time to work out exactly how many seconds have passed since I have been able to watch my favourite shows, communicate with distant friends or crank some tooons on Spotify.

It’s hard to remember what life was like before we were all constantly ‘surfing’ the web. How exactly did we pass the time? How did we correct our friends when we knew they were wrong? How did we find a good quiche recipe (a cookbook? I think not).

This period without a connection has been strange, but I must say that there was one very positive point that has arisen from the boredom and that was the friendships I have developed with my housemates. Each night after returning home we would usually say brief hellos before hibernating in front of our computers, staring at screens provided with endless possibilities of entertainment and information.

However, without the net we would have to entertain each other. We have spoken about a lot of subjects which may seem bizarre to you, but lets face it YOU have the Internet. We’ve imitated how pretentious people would speak about dogs in Kensington, we have proposed how we could make Celine Dion’s hit’s from the 90’s popular again, we have even studied all 12 pages of a One Direction calendar.

Now we have the internet I hope the friendships I have made will stay strong and not fade away. (however, I will NOT be speaking with anyone for at least three days as I have some Fresh Meat to catch up on).

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