As much as it kills me to admit it, sometimes it’s good to escape the rush of London for to a slower paced location. Over the four day Easter weekend left London to see the English countryside with a visit to Bath, Bristol, Brighton and Dover.

Before we left, the four of us: James, Clara, Megan and I all selected dress codes. Goth, Celebrity Glamour, Christianity and Hippy.


Dressing in complete back and wearing eyeliner doesn’t really turn many heads in Dalston. In Dover however, the gothic attire was a point of conversation for the locals. Before departing the hotel in search of a nice place to drink the hotel owner warned us ‘I wouldn’t go out in Dover, the locals aren’t cultured like you guys.’ Despite this warning we heading out to touch the English channel and down a pint at the local. The fact I chose One Direction on the Juke Box probably didn’t help boost our cred with the locals.

Goth Friday on Brighton

Goth Friday on Brighton


Bow ties and dark glasses gave the locals even more to talk about in Dover the morning before we left for Brighton. Although the sun was shining, it still felt very much like winter. Red wine on the beach followed by red wine at a fish and chip shop (which was apparently NOT B.Y.O). The more red wine consumed the more cloudy my memory became of the night, but I’m happy to report it ended well when we found ourselves exploring the old hotel in which we were staying after 4am.

Celebrity Glamour in Brighton

Celebrity Glamour in Brighton


Today’s outfits were so convincing that an enthusiastic American woman stopped us in the street:

Her: Sorry, but I noticed the bible, are you guys Christian?

Us: -pause- Yes

Her: Oh great, what service did you go to this morning? We are new to the area.

Us: Ahhh, we are from London

Her: Oh. Well happy resurrection day!



Hippy Monday in Bristol

Hippy Monday in Bristol

Breakfast at my place of work, Café Rouge went down a treat with our waitress. She really enjoyed the flowers on our heads and an old women even grabbed hold of Megan in a Bath Charity shop and said ‘YES DEAR! SPRING IS HERE!’ (it was snowing outside). After exploring the ancient town of Bath we decided it would be a good idea to leave the cold behind and head back to the big smoke, The M4 took us back to the big smoke and at Heathrow the week ahead dwelled on my thoughts. Fantastic weekend with amazing friends OVER.

I thought it would be fun to document one day of our adventure with an entire roll of disposable camera film. Below you will see what I just picked up from the local Snappy Snaps.

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