Band 56: Vampire Weekend

I love this band, like really really love this band. I think after this show they may have even scored themselves a spot in my top five bands of all time.

I think it could have actually been the best gig I have been to in London (well maybe a close second to The Drums). It was a bloody long jouney to the Proxy in East London and upon my exit from the DLR I simply had to following the masses of teenage girls to the venue. Whilst I did love the show I really hated the crowd, you know when you look around and just see bloody teenagers on their phones taking pictures of themselves rather than pay attention to Vampire Weekend as they play A-punk or Oxford Comma. Seriously these tickets were £27.50, couldn’t you just do your self takes in a public toilet somewhere. 

Anyways, as I was saying the band was amazing, playing pretty much every song I could have asked for and not spending to much time on the new album.

I know I just babble sometimes, so If you want to read a real review of the show please see below (they gave 4/5 stars, should have been 5)

Vampire Weekend @ The Proxy

Vampire Weekend @ The Proxy


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