Band 58: Cold War Kids

After going to a lot of shows alone you forget how to act around friends at a concert. You see, usually if I’m riding solo I have no care as to what the fools that surround think of me. I will push them, I will sing loudly and scream for the bands attention. I really wish I didn’t act that way when my friends were around. I feel like I revealed a side of myself that was only reserved for strangers at a concert.

Anyway, Cold War Kids, another band I have been waiting to see for a very long time. I remember sitting in the sun on a warm Christchurch day with my friend Sophie Ward as she introduced me to The Cold War Kids with ‘We used to Vacation’ and ‘Hang me up to dry.’ Years later Cold War Kids made another appearance into the Soundtrack of my life with ‘Louder than Ever,’ and just a month ago they returned one more time with ‘Miracle Mile.’

The concert was really enjoyable, however as mentioned previously I do have regrets. I wish I wasn’t so obnoxious to the people around me, I wish I didn’t speak to strangers, I wish I didn’t lose my voice.

Despite these regrets, I feel like the band appreciated what I had to offer the crowd, at the end of the encore ‘Saint John,’ I feel like the lead singer nodded in my direction and gave me a wave. He said to me telepathically ‘Thank you for enjoying the show unlike those losers upstairs,’ And I said back ‘No, problem, bro where’s the after party?’

NB – The last sentence maybe fake.

Cold War Kids @ The Forum, Kentish Town

Cold War Kids @ The Forum, Kentish Town

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