Band 59: Alt-j

Triangles are my favourite shape.

I purchased tickets for Alt-J an extremely long time again, perhaps last year even and as it sold out I would be heading off to the event alone (or so I thought). I posted the below picture on Instagram to kind of say ‘Hey! I’m going to Alt-J and you’re not because you thought too long about getting a ticket before they sold out.’
But lucky for me the lovely Tean responded stating that her and Siobhan would be there (two friends I made at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs a few weeks earlier and had met at blurry East London Parties in the past). #<3newfriendships

I just finished my can of ‘pepsi’ as the Victoria Line pulled into Brixton Underground station and walked past the masses of skelpers on the street to enter the Brixton Academy once more. I found my friends in a good spot close to the stage, not so close that your constantly being battered by a stray elbow.

Although I was expecting the band to be good, I was not expecting to be blown away. They had a choir on the stage and even chatted with the crowd which is not something I had seen in the many Youtube videos I watched in preparation for this gig. Highlights were of course Breezeblocks, Something Good and Matilda, but my new favourite track would have to be Taro which was played as the encore.

At the end of the gig we were lucky(?) enough to catch the sweat towel from the drummer. It was still damp. Yum

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