Band 60: Lana Del Rey

I don’t know if you have read about my previous experience with Lana, but to understand my intense feelings for her please refer to Hackney Weekend.

To further help you realise just how highly I regard this babe check out this portrait:


Upon arriving to the U.K I had actually heard very little about this smoking angel. I was sitting alone in my very overpriced room in South London, wishing I had more friends whilst listening to Triple J’s hottest 100 for 2012 streaming live (it must have been at some god awful hour). Lana came very close to number one with ‘Video Games’ the song that will forever make my blood run cold.

My Love for Lana has never faded and when tickets went on sale for her show at the Hammersmith Apollo seven months ago I received a phone call from a dear friend who informed me she had just purchased me a very special gift for my birthday. Since then I have been counting down the months, weeks, days and seconds until finally the day had arrived.


There was no huge queue outside the Apollo, however the discarded sleeping bags and pillows led me to believe that people had been waiting in line a long time to get a prime spot. I understood why they did this After Lana made her way into the crowd many times throughout the gig, accepting flowers and love letters from her fans in a very humble and appreciative way.

People always criticize Lana’s live performances, I have heard them call her a manufactured joke and whilst I would be the last person to ever say something negative about my dream girl I must admit that this performance made Hackney Weekend look like a painful hangover. Lana was absolutely outstanding, she captivated all senses from beginning to end.

Since attending this gig a few weeks ago now (sorry for the late entry) I have been listening to ‘Ride’ on repeat. It’s gets me from Shepherds Bush Market to Euston Square with a creepy grin on my face. Lucky there are never children on my train. ‘Ride’ to me is the new Video Games, I wish the video didn’t have such a long and intense intro as perhaps I would have discovered this gem earlier.


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