Field Day 2013

Remember last year? It was all a bit of a blur. Well unfortunately little has improved since last year and once again Field Day was a bit of a blur.

I awoke in a haze at 8:30am with little memory of how I actually ended up where I did from the previous night’s celebrations. Chelsie had arrived in Dalston and was ready to kick the Field Day festivities into action. I on the other hand, was still dressed in the clothes I went out in and was in desperate need of pain killers and water. However, nothing cures a hangover like wine filled punch and waffles.


We left the house at around 10:30am to beat the hour long queues we encountered last year and managed to get into the event just after 12 to see Virals finish their set with the only song we knew ‘Coming up with the Sun.’ This was followed by Guards on the same stage who really deserved to be playing later in the day. At 3pm we made our way to Chrvches and as Victoria Park began to fill my memory began to spill. My friends tell me we did see Disclosure, Solange, Palma Violets and Everything Everything, and I can manage to recall Animal Collective playing ‘My Girls’ at the end of the night.


Whilst it was an amazing day I must say this after leaving Field Day I had lost a lot of respect for the human race. During the course of the day one dickhead stole my expensive sunglasses from my head, we witnessed one girl have chewing gum smeared into her head by a stranger and constantly had drug dealers approach us blurting out ‘Ketamine.’ Everyone is there to have fun so I don’t know why some peps get their kicks out of others misery. I really look forward to the karma that will come knocking on the door of their council house in Tower Hamlets.

Unfortunately this will perhaps be my last Field Day, but I am certainly greatful for the bands I have been introduced to by this excellent festival over the last two years.



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