Flights booked. Where Next?

So as mentioned previously I was lucky enough to obtain a ticket to the world’s biggest festival, Glastonbury later this year. I have now booked my one way ticket which means I do not intend to return back to Australia for at least one year. So where to next? There are a number of possibilities I have considered each with all their pro’s and con’s and now I just need to make my mind up, which seat do I take?

Berlin – Seems to me like it is the easiest option. I have visited Berlin twice and loved this city, it draws a number of creative people from all corners of the world who share similar interests to me. I have a number of friends already living there that would make the move a lot easier and I sure they would give me advice on where to live, how to get a visa, open a bank account etc. The only con about Berlin is the fact that maybe it is too easy. I seek new adventures and not sure that living in a place I have visited already would be the most adventurous option. I have also done a lot of travel throughout Europe so there would be little opportunity to explore the new parts of the globe.

Montevideo – Recently I was doing some research on countries that I could possibly move to and came across Uruguay. The thing that made me put this place into strong consideration is the fact that working visas for this South American gem are only valid to those who hold a New Zealand passport (finally it comes in handy). This point makes me really want to take advantage of something that not many other people in the world can. After doing a little further research about Uruguay I have discovered that for South America it has a low crime rate, low unemployment rate and is rather wealthy. Moving to Uruguay would also give me the opportunity to visit other countries close by in South America and get fill some more pages in my Passport. On the down side I can unfortunately not speak a word of Spanish which means it would be incredibly difficult to get a job and perhaps meet new people. I also think the flight from London to Montevideo would put a big strain on my already tight budget so setting up could also be quite difficult.

New York – This is perhaps the longest shot of them all. I have always dreamed of being a New Yorker, paving the numbered streets and catching the subway. Spending the weekend’s celebrity spotting or lounging around in Central Park. Everyone in New York speaks my language (well most) and there is nothing I want more that to be living in an over populated city like London again. The one thing that does make this close to impossible is the fact I only have a one in nine chance of actually winning the Green Card Lottery which would entitle me to permanent residency in the United States – Fingers crossed.

So there are the nominations – now to pick a winner…

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