LIKE this if you LEFT Facebook.

It’s been about two months since I have made the decision to conclude my seven year relationship with Facebook. It was not an easy decision to make, I would face losing the multiple photos of my travels and crazy nights out in London, I would lose contact with a lot of the friends I have made in various places throughout the world and no longer have to regular contact with my close friends back in the U.K, Europe and New Zealand.

However, I feel the decision I had made to click that ‘delete account’ button on my profile has led to me living a more positive and proactive life and am no longer faced with the distraction of the forever updated timeline. I have made more of an effort to get in contact with those people who I have missed online and have written letters and long winded emails, communicating the way I would prefer to be communicated with rather than a quick ‘thumbs up’ or a smiley face.

I also feel the way I portrayed my life via this platform of Social Media could have been considered destructive or dangerous with the multiple photos that would appear online on a hazy Sunday morning. I have had comments from family members telling me I look like a drug addict (although I have never touched drugs in my life) and realise that a picture can portray a lot more than originally intended (especially if uploaded when under the influence of alcohol).

So why not simply delete all those Facebook ‘friends’ that I feel would pass judgement on the images that clog their feeds of me looking like a sweaty mess on a dance floor in some dark club? Well the truth is I don’t have the time to consider what 300+ people may think of me and choose who I do and don’t want to be friends with on the old FB.

Whilst I do miss many of my Facebook friends, I do NOT miss my Facebook life and the people that really know who I am rather than the person I portrayed myself to be are the ones worth keeping around.
BUT… there are a few that I am still searching for so please if you know Steven Lo-Giacco, Philippa Norman, Rhiannon Webster, Marissa Twidle, Kirsteen Mackenzie, Maddie Gertch, Julia Connors, Laura Daly, Olivia Gauld etc, please tell them to get in touch with me xxx


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1 Response to LIKE this if you LEFT Facebook.

  1. Steven Lo-Giacco says:

    Bradley! Love you man. See you in April 🙂

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