Stay in ‘Fash’ without the Ca$h

As I am on a super tight budget after an excessive summer of spending I have made some restrictions on my life to ensure I can achieve my saving goals by June this year. One of these restrictions is to spend little or no money on new clothes for my wardrobe which is a rather difficult thing to do whilst living in a fashionable city like Melbourne. So I have had to be rather creative over the past few months to attempt to keep up with trends with out breaking the bank. If you’re low on cash like me then perhaps following these few tips will help you stretch your wardrobe.

1. Recycle the old
After returning home to New Zealand I was able to go through what was left of the clothing I had not taken over seas with me. As all items had dated at least two years a lot of the thoughts that went through my mind were along the lines of ‘what the hell you were thinking?‘ However I did find myself a t-shirt I got at a gig in 2006 from band called The Sneaks. Although this shirt was still a touch too big for me, I made a quick edit by ripping off the sleeves and had created a wide shouldered singlet, perfect for a hot, Australian summer’s day. The best thing about this particular tee is the print on the front which would hold a complete different meaning to anyone who didn’t know the band (see below).

You All Suck!

You All Suck!

2. Borrow and Share
If you are like me then you will probably find it difficult to avoid wearing the same outfits over and over again. I sometimes feel as though I only have one pair of trousers and two shirts that I wear to work each week. Therefore I have started treating my friend’s wardrobes as a sort of fashion library. If I like the look of an item of clothing that someone may be wearing I will ask them to swap with me which results in me having something brand new to wear for a week or so before I decide to swap back. Another easy and sneaky way to gain more temporary garments is to turn up at a friend’s house in something inappropriate for the weather outside. Simply ask them if they have a coat you can borrow if you’re cold or a pair of shorts if you’re hot. But remember what goes around comes around and if you’re willing to borrow you must be willing to share. Currently I am down three jerseys, two shirts and two pair of sunglasses (but at least my friends are all looking bloody sexy right now).

This BOY has made the rounds

This BOY has made the rounds

3. Search
Yes, second hand stores are often filled with hidden gems but the bad thing about the ones in the city is that they are well over priced (we are on a strict budget remember?). So next time you are travelling outside of the city and come through a small town with an Op Shop pull the car over and take a peek inside. Here you will find that all items of clothing are far more affordable than what they would be in Fitzroy or East London AND since the people living in these small towns often don’t see style as a high priority you are more likely to find the good shit. Take this silk shirt for example, just $5.00 at a St Vinnies in Geelong.
Look at the shirt NOT the face

Look at the shirt NOT the face

4. Steal from your parents
You may look at Mummy and Daddy and think ‘Mummsie’ and ‘Daggy,’ but remember they were once young and if you take a look through their wardrobes you may be surprised at what they have held onto over the years. Often the first thing I do after checking my parents fridge is heading straight for the wardrobe to see what I can find. Upon my last visit home I scored myself two pair of New Zealand made, leather McKinlays boots, a woollen, vintage Ralph Lauren jumper and a suede jacket which was handmade by a man in Wellington in the 60’s. You may think it could be difficult to get away with your parents belongings without them noticing but the secret is to pack their clothing in the bottom of your suitcase and when you’re on your way back to the airport or where-ever tell them that they may find some items missing in their wardrobes when they get back home. They’ll never make you rifle through your neatly pack suitcase will they?

Modelling the jacket in which Dad proposed to Mum.

Modelling the jacket in which Dad proposed to Mum.

So there you go, I’m slowly saving cash while growing my wardrobe. Hope these tips help you stay cool!

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