Making Tough Decisions

Since my arrival in Australia I have been determined that this would only be a temporary life and that as soon as my bank account would allow me I would be out seeing the world again. Living a life filled with adventure, new sites and new challenges. However, as life has progressed for me here in Melbourne unfortunately things have improved immensely which has had a major impact on my decision to leave.

Firstly, although my job is rather monotonous and not exactly what I want to do with my career, it does more than pay the bills and is only a short walk from my house. The company really looks after its employees and I have taken advantage of the benefits offered like complimentary ipads and free lunch every Monday and Tuesday. Even after working here just three months I have been given a pay rise which means this is the most money I have ever earnt.

Secondly, I have fallen into a new relationship. I never really wanted this to happen as I have been through the whole heart break at the airport scenario before. The guy I am seeing is really nice, he has a nice set of teeth and best of all he encourages me to go out there and get things done. If you knew me you would probably fall off your seat when I tell you I have started going to the gym. Well, that’s all a result of the new boy in my life.

Thirdly, I am starting to realise what I want to do with my life and have begun to make some progress in that area. Not that I want to disclose too much information on this public forum, but I will say that Melbourne is a particularly good starting block to get my career on track.

Fourthly, (can’t believe I’m still going) I have met so many new and fantastic people that my weekends are filled from Friday afternoon until late on Sunday. At the start I would have to look for fun but now it just comes knocking at my door. There have been house parties for me to attend almost every weekend for the past two months and if there is nothing on then I will invite everyone I know to attempt to fill the huge house I live in with the most incredible housemates.

When I put this all down in writing I realise that maybe I should stick it out a bit longer. Yes I think I will.

You win Melbourne, you got another bloody kiwi in ya for at least one more year…

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