Today my life could (will) change forever.

This is the second year I have entered the US Diversity Visa lottery and I have been counting down the days until May 1st when I can log into the website and see if I have been picked. For once the New Zealand Passport has come in handy and gives me rather good odds, one in nine in fact.

Leading up to this date I have played the power of positive thought game thinking I WILL win rather than it is a possibility. Every morning my alarms sounds and instead of the screen prompting me to wake up it tells me ‘You will win your Green card.’

Winning this will change the course of my life forever and it would mean that this time next year I could (will) be living in New York, San Fran or Chicago and it wouldn’t be just for two years like the U.K youth Mobility Visa, this one would entitle me to permanent residency. I can’t just imagine how mongrel my accent would be.

So you may not hear from me for a while. Either I will be on a bender in celebration or slamming my head against a brick wall somewhere.

The Bender is going to happen. I will win. 2014 is my year.

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