One month until the next Adventure

It’s around about 35 days til my flight departs Melbourne Airport for my next (brief) world trip. I have been saving for this since arriving in Australia last October and have managed to pay for all my flights and accommodation and have just a little left over for spending money. When I look at my confirmed itinerary I realise just how packed this month is going to be and I am a little concerned as to whether I will make it back alive or not.

On the 18th June I board a flight for Manilla where I will spend just one night. I’m excited to get a new stamp in my passport but know very little of what to do whilst there for such a short period of time. I think I will just get a cab to a bar and drink until 3am which will then mean it will be time for me to head back to the airport to board my next flight to Heathrow.

My arrival time in London is around 3:30pm on a Thursday. Hopefully I have no issues at the border and I can breeze past, jump on the Tube and meet my dear friend Kirsty at Hounslow station before heading back to her house for a well needed catch up. This could last late into the evening as this babe has taken the following day off. On the Friday in London I’m really hoping the Jetlag would have run its course and I will be fresh enough to meet some old work colleagues for lunch and then drink for the afternoon in a park in North London (ideally Primrose Hill). On Saturday I will be heading to Ascot Races for the first time, I am a little worried as I have nothing to wear and no money to spend on new clothes, so if you could lend me a dapper outfit worthy of the queen I would be extremely grateful.

I’m sure the next few days in London will be filled with recovery and preparations for Glastonbury as there is a LOT of shit I need to sort before catching the bus to the festival early on Wednesday morning. Five days later I will be back and in desperate need of a shower and a good night’s rest, but it’s only really one night back in London before I head to Portugal with some friends from back in Christchurch, New Zealand. Lisbon is the port of destination and I hope to chill out, see the sites and work on my tan which will be the only souvenir I bring home with me.

Following Portugal I meet two other friends for some Birthday Celebrations in Barcelona and Valencia which I’m sure (judging by the company) will be one non-stop party. I leave these friends in Valencia and catch a train to Madrid, followed by a plane to Berlin where I will meet another BFF for her Birthday. I have also timed this to fit the itinerary for another old friend who will be in the city at that time. As I have been to Berlin a few times now I intend to lay in the parks and drink cheap beers most days. I also intend on maybe hitting up a few of them cheap vintage shops in order to grow my rather bare looking wardrobe.

After my final week in Europe I catch a flight to Moscow before boarding another to Hong Kong where I will spend the last two days of my adventure. I am yet to make plans but hopefully will be able to see enough in the twenty-four hours that I am there.

My final leg departs Hong Kong on the 16th July bringing me back to Melbourne via Singapore.

Ten airports, six countries, one month.



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