Getting that creative juice gushing

I have always considered myself a rather creative person but for the first time in my life I work in a role that allows no creativity whatsoever. Instead I answer phones, do daily banking, prepare for events, manage office duties etc. It’s not that I don’t like my job, I guess I just miss working in a profession that allows some form of creativity between 9-5.

I have found that I have to utilise my own time in order to let the creative Brad out on the world. Therefore I have begun working on a number of projects to keep me busy and add a little creativity to my mundane professional life.

1. This weekend I am meeting with Melbourne fashion designer Nixi Killick to prepare for a photo shoot next weekend which will be printed in an actual fashion magazine! Not just a website but a physical magazine. This all stemmed from an Idea which a friend and I executed (him the photographer, me the model/stylist (lol)) in which a person would be photographed in all their clothes and I would write a feature on them with a particular angle to relate to their style. The concept is called ‘All my Clothes’ and based on the 1973 photo series by Charles Ray. After doing up a mock shoot and proposal I submitted to the magazine who loved the idea and put me in touch with this incredible designer.

A small portion of 'All my Clothes'

A small portion of ‘All my Clothes’

2. is no longer the only website I write for. I have now started writing for three online music publications (you can find the links to all my pieces here). I really enjoy the whole working to deadline thing and get a bit of a kick out of learning about new bands and heading to live gigs without a clue of who I will be seeing. I’m also writing a few more journalistic pieces about politics and drug overdoses and even got to do a phone interview with bloody Isaac Hanson!

3. As mentioned previously, I am much too busy saving to purchase any nice new item of clothing which makes me rather anxious as Glastonbury is just around the corner and this boy aint got nothing to wear. So last night I made a trip to Big W (the Australian equivalent of Primark/The Warehouse) and purchased the cheap $9.00 version of the Bonds Sloppy Joe. I took this home and made some alterations inspired by my favourite fashion blogger Isaac Hindin Miller, to create a muscle Tee which I have since been informed makes me a complete hipster. I just think if you get creative enough you really don’t need a lot of cash to stay in fash.

If you’re like me and work a mundane 9-5 working week please stop and remember you have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce so make the bloody most of them.

P.P.S Sorry for saying ‘bloody’ so much, living in Australia is really starting to take a toll on me.

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