It’s good to be ‘home’

I have been in London for just two nights now. After a 15 hour flight from Manila with little sleep, no food and various screaming babies I walked out the arrival gate at Heathrow with black rings under my eyes. It was such an amazing surprise to be greeted by my best friend in the world who simply said ‘Oi’ when I walked out onto British soil. After getting on the tube to West London the night seemed to quickly become a blur and we danced in the kitchen until 4am (I still had not eaten).

I am so happy to be back but am already feeling slightly anxious at the thought of having to leave again. After seeing all those people that I have had little communication with over the past eight months I realize that no matter what changes have gone on, the friendships I had have not faded even slightly.

I am still waiting to crash and for the Jetlag to try and bring me down. I have had one meal in the last three days and probably a total of four hours sleep. But lets face it, there is no time for sleeping when you are in LONDON

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