Somewhere over Russia

Somewhere over Russia

I always do everything I can to prevent any symptoms of jetlag entering my body when going on a particularly long journey. I get a bunch of Valium from my doctor, I stay up late the night before a flight, I always ask if the flight is full and beg for an empty row and I always request a beer when the drinks trolley is pushed passed to send me into a slumber for at least five hours.

My recent journey home from Europe was by far the longest, most drawn out trip I have ever taken. I flew from Berlin to Moscow, Moscow to Hong Kong, Hong Kong to Singapore (where my flight was delayed for a day) then home to Melbourne. All up the trip took over 60 hours.

Upon getting off the final plane on that hideous journey home jetlag has certainly grabbed hold of me with a strong grip. Even though I have been back in Australia almost a week I am still waking up at 3am and feeling like it’s midday. I lay there and toss and turn for hours every morning trying everything to get back to sleep but nothing seems to work and all I feel is overwhelming frustration at my messed up body clock.

The fog is finally beginning to clear from my brain cells so therefore I am beginning to gather my notes and pictures from my travels to share with you.

I got some stories to tell…



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  1. Jetlag is the worst! When I travelled from Ireland to Melbourne I was nauseous and tired for about a week afterwards.. I am going travelling in a few weeks again so I’m hoping I won’t be as affected this time around!

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