Festival Fashion – Glastonbury Edition

Prior to going to Glastonbury I was really torn about what to wear. The fact is you have limited space of what you can take and you really need to ensure you are prepared to encounter all types of weather. I really put some thought into this, I mean I wouldn’t want to bump into Alex Chung or Kate Moss wearing a practical wind breaker and track suit pants, but at the same time I did want to be protected from the ever changing elements.

I requested advice from Fashion Blogger Isaac Hindin Miller who only told me not to wear shorts and to grab a couple of white t-shirts. I only took ½ of his advice and bought a whole bunch of crisp white t-shirts to go along with my cut off short as can be shorts that leave very little to the imagination. The coat I wore every day was khaki green, had a hood and multiple pockets so was ideal for Glastonbury, however when I fell in the mud on the third night this was put in the ‘out of action’ pile in the corner of my tent.

It wasn’t my own style that was of my strongest interest but the diverse range of outfits that other punter put together.

So here’s a few things I learned and dressing for Glastonbury.

a) The Flower crown has had its day. The only people still wearing Flower Crowns to festivals are overconfident, underage girls who loudly brag about how close they got to Elli Goulding.
b) Wellies are Wellies. Of course you look better in Hunters but by the fourth day your $200 pair of gumboots will be so covered in mud no one will be able to tell how much they cost.
c) If you have to wear a rain poncho (and I assume you will) make sure it’s clear and not branded with an advertisement for some hideous company. If you can see through the plastic others can see what you’re wearing underneath.
d) Welly socks are just as important as wellies. Without them you will end up with blisters so painful that even walking will be a mission (plus welly socks come in every colour under the rainbow).
e) Bright colours work. They really make you stand out in a crowd, literally the easiest person to find is wearing bright yellow or green.
Whilst meandering around the field of Glastonbury I picked out a few highlights to photograph.





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1 Response to Festival Fashion – Glastonbury Edition

  1. Ruth says:

    I love this haha definitely no ponchos with radio branding on them!

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