Capital Culture


Last weekend saw the release of the final episode of the first season of Capital Culture, a Youtube mockumentary series based around the lives of four up and coming creative types trying to make it in Wellington. Willoughby, the barista/DJ, Lennon the fashion blogger, Imogen the mixologist and Frankie the film maker.

It’s a concept that has been done time and time again. However, these four girls have raised the bar as they portray the Wellington hipster scene so incredibly accurately. When watching the show sometimes it is hard to draw the line between the girls taking the piss vs acting exactly as you would expect any pretentious Wellington hipster would.

To find out more about the concept, the clothes and the future of Capital Culture I got in touch with Miriam O’Connor the actress behind ‘Fushion-ista’ Lennon.

Can you tell me how the idea of the show was conceived? We were all living together in Melbourne in 2009 and came up with this voice that we called “cutesie Melbourne”, it was inspired by being surrounded by TC’s – e.g. people ordering their wanky as coffee followed by writing about it in a journal, people walking rabbits on a leash, overheard tram conversations etc.

Do you work from a script or is the acting all improvised? We did write a 50 page script for the first season but in all honesty, mainly due to time constraints about 50% or more was improv. Generally we would start with a scripted line or two and then have a few more we wanted thrown in there and winged the rest!

What has the reaction to the show been like from the viewers? Have you had any haters/crazy fans? We are famous (joking)! Or maybe not jokes..? Cuuutteee! Nah, we are stoked on the response eh! We never thought people would actually be into it, it was more of a personal project we really wanted to achieve more than anything so to have all this encouragement and a decent audience is epic! And yeah, a few discouraging comments – but haters gonna hate! I (Lennon) had my first fan photo the other day! Aptly at fashion week! Paparazzi (haha)!

Everyone I know loves the show, wondering if you know what the future holds for Capital Culture? Has the season finished? Or is there more in-store? Sadly! We know (haha)! The last episode of season one came out recently but we are certainly looking into the prospect of filming season two in 2015 – so watch those newsfeeds! In the meantime we’re sure we can keep you laughing with some outtakes and vlogs etc (haha)!

I have read the characters are loosely based on yourselves. What similarity’s or differences do you have to your characters? Lennon, like me enjoys fashion, has a similar taste in men and loves a buttery chardonnay but I would like to think I am not that egotistical or delusional and no I am not a fashion blogger! A midwife in fact!

Where did you find the clothes? Are they all your own? A couple of friends are successful New Zealand fashion designers, Amy Rose (Julian Danger) and Anjali Stewart & Rachel Easting (Twenty Seven Names) who were so kind in lending us sample boxes, as well some super original steezy babes also let us wild in their wardrobes! Thanks Nicola, Kate, Amelia, Jade, Xena. Another friend (Nina Flash Gordan) has a dope Jewellery brand “Flash” ( who lent us some jewels jewels jewels!

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  1. “not you, you try hard milf,” that’s brilliant.
    very funny stuff

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