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A Chat with New Zealand Rap-Star Randa

Mainard Larkin AKA Randa is an up and coming New Zealand Rapper whose infectious rhymes have been in my head since February. Even if rap is not your go-to genre, Randa could certainly be the one to change the game … Continue reading

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Another New Zealander making waves in the Fashion World: Sean Kelly

Tonight is the final of season 13 of Project Runway. It’s a show that I have never really paid attention to until recently when I stumbled across this article. This season of the fashion design reality show features a 24 … Continue reading

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Musically Reminiscing

This week I was exposed to the amazing line up for the Sugar Mountain Festival. Among the bands listed on the bill was ‘How to Dress Well’. The name seemed familiar to me but I could not figure out where … Continue reading

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Green Card 2016 – You are mine

I don’t know if you remember from earlier this year,  but I applied for my Green Card and wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I really did think that the power of positive thought would ensure that I would get picked. Even … Continue reading

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A chat with Fashion Blogger – Isaac Hindin-Miller

Isaac Hindin-Miller is an inspiration to any creative New Zealander wanting to escape the small town lifestyle and achieve their goals on a global scale. Now based in New York City, Hindin-Miller writes fashion pieces for a number of big … Continue reading

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A chat with Filmmaker – Patrick Pearse

Two weeks ago I was on a Virgin Australia Flight to New Zealand and came across a film called Première. Although I had no idea what or who it was about I pressed play and hoped for the best. Eighty … Continue reading

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Was stoked with the results of Colour Box Studios Disposable Camera Project. Last night I headed along to the opening and attempted to take in all 2800 images captured by 106 participants, lets just say that was a bit overwhelming. … Continue reading

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