Musically Reminiscing

This week I was exposed to the amazing line up for the Sugar Mountain Festival. Among the bands listed on the bill was ‘How to Dress Well’. The name seemed familiar to me but I could not figure out where the hell it came from, how I had heard of them or what they sang.

Yesterday I was sitting in the park on one of those typical cold, windy, sunny and rainy Melbourne days and used my Spotify to solve this ‘How to Dress Well’ mystery. Then I came across the track ‘Set it Right.’ Instantly an abundance of memories came flooding into my head at once.

During the dark winter mornings in London I would make my way to work via the Hammersmith and City line to Euston Square. I hadn’t learnt about the function of offline playlists so had about seven minutes of which I could listen to music before the tube went underground and my service would cut out. In those seven minutes I would listen to ‘Set it Right’ by How to Dress Well 1.5 times in order to force myself into a positive mood before walking up the wind tunnel that is Eversholt Street before getting to work for 9am.

I also remember catching the last train home from Leicester Square on a rather drunken weeknight and climbing into my cupboard of a bedroom, putting in my headphones and playing the song as loud as my wee mac would allow. Unfortunately for me (and my housemates) I never actually plugged my headphones in and they had to listen to me murdering the song in my wasted state.

Perhaps it was after that incident my brain buried the song to prevent those feelings of embarrassment creeping back into my blood. But yesterday that all changed.

She’s now back at the top of the playlist.

Press play and get that inspired feeling.

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