Another New Zealander making waves in the Fashion World: Sean Kelly

Tonight is the final of season 13 of Project Runway. It’s a show that I have never really paid attention to until recently when I stumbled across this article. This season of the fashion design reality show features a 24 year old boy from Taranaki named Sean Kelly who has made it all the way to fashion week.

I have managed to squeeze in every episode leading up to the final in the last week in order to see the results revealed at New York Fashion Week just hours after it is released in America. It has been such a pleasure to watch the journey this young New Zealand designer has gone though. He has proven he is worthy of making it to the end after scoring top marks week after week and even having one of his garments grace the body of Heidi Klum on the red carpet.

I get a bit excited when I see a fellow New Zealander making tracks in the creative world. I could sit here and rant about Lorde for hours but we all already know just how incredible she is. Sean Kelly on the other hand is probably yet to grace the screens on New Zealand television but I’m sure that once season 13 of Project Runway makes it to New Zealand in ten years’ time he will become a household name.

In the most recent episode Sean finally had a moment to speak about how difficult it is to make it in New Zealand as a designer and the reason he left the bottom of the world to make it to the top of the fashion industry. In the below clip (filmed off my mac (sorry)) Sean sums up life in New Zealand by stating ‘there is no fashion there.’ I think what he means by this is that there is minimal opportunity to succeed in fashion industry, but I really enjoy the way the words fall out of his mouth.

Sean, I got my fingers crossed for you.

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