Preparing for an Indian Adventure

You probably know by now how much I love to Travel. So it will come as no surprise to you that I have opted to use my scheduled leave for Christmas to explore a new country and this year the destination is India.

I’m actually a little nervous about this trip due to the fact I have spent little time in that part of the world and the horror stories I have heard from other travellers about the violent illness, the smells and the traumatising train rides. These sorts of things don’t actually bother me too much, I think I am more nervous about the bugs to be honest.

The plan is to fly from Melbourne to Delhi via Sydney on the 20th December where I will meet my first two travel companions. From there we will head down to Agra to spend a day and night visiting the Taj Mahal. Then it’s onto Goa where we will be reunited with four other friends from back in the days of London. After a week of Christmas festivities on the beach we catch an overnight train down to Kerala for a 6 day safari around the area. Then it’s off to Mumbai to catch a flight back home to Melbourne.

I’m mostly excited about experiencing a different culture and catching up with friends (some of whom I haven’t seen for over a year). However, I am still nervous about a few elements of India and wondered if anyone may be able to provide advice on the following:

1.Will an overnight train on New Year’s Day resemble hell on earth?

I have read some horror stories about people being shoved into carriages with no air conditioning, little own space and been kept up all night for fear of being robbed. Is this the case or have I just heard of someone’s one off horrible experience?

2. How will I cope with my fear of bugs?

I live in Australia and there is certainly no shortage of creepy crawlies here but just last night I was kept up well past my bedtime due to the mosquitoes buzzing about my room. If I find it difficult here will I be able to tolerate the bugs in India?

3. Even If I am extra careful will I get sick?

I have had three vaccinations and collected all the medication I need for the trip. Regardless of this will I still get ill like the rest of the people I know who have travelled to India? I would hate to travel all that way to spend hours vomiting in an Indian bathroom. At the same time I would hate this fear of falling ill to prevent me from sampling new dishes.

If you have been to India please feel free to give me some pointers…

I would be eternally grateful


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3 Responses to Preparing for an Indian Adventure

  1. seohunter says:

    India is not a bad place the way you are thinking. Yes train will be bit crowdy, if you have everything confirmed, then you are not suppose to be worry – that means confirmed Train Tickets. As you are coming overseas, it will affect the health for sure and you should take precaution of what to eat and what not. I am also visiting Goa in December, what’s your plan of stay there? I mean to say for how many days!

  2. Hi @seohunter I will Be in Goa from the 23rd – 31st December. Staying at Palolem Beach.

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