I’m Moving to Canada

I’m moving to Canada!

This is actually happening. I have a two year working visa approved and as of last week a one way flight booked. Now it has all hit me. I’m actually moving to Canada.

Don’t get me wrong I do love living in Melbourne. I know what side of the river is best to live on, I know where’s good to eat after 1am, I have nailed the public transport system and have made the best group of friends since arriving in Melbourne almost two years ago. However, my ambition in life is to get out and see the world, this and the fact I’m almost too old to get another visa has resulted in this decision.

After returning from America a few months ago my old employer caught wind of the fact I was back in Melbourne and offered me an opportunity I couldn’t turn down. This was a temporary role only lasting until the middle of August which gave me the time and money to sort my plans to move abroad again. I don’t think it could have worked out better.

The visa process for Canada was not as easy as it was to obtain one for Great Britain or India. For my two year working permit firstly, I needed to have a passport with more than two years validity – so a new passport I had to order. Next I had to get police checks from each country I have lived in for more than six months. So I had to organise these from New Zealand, The U.K and Australia. In order to get a police check I had to show two proofs of address. As I had just moved house this was another aspect of the process that I found rather difficult. Finally when I thought I had everything sorted and all the fees paid I took a deep breath and clicked submit on the EIC website. Thirteen days later I received an email saying that I had a new message. I logged on and opened the message to read that my visa application had been approved and I had the right to live and work in Canada.

So in one month and one day I will begin the 27 hour journey from Melbourne to Vancouver. I’m nervous as hell about finding work, finding somewhere to live, making new friends and surviving the winter. But at the same time my excitement outweighs the nerves.

21.5 days of work left!

P.S If you know anyone in Vancouver please put them in touch with me

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