Life in Canada

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Here I am living in a new city, in a country on the other side of the world. I’m pleased to say that after just ten days things are going rather smoothly.

After 26 hours I touched down in Vancouver feeling rather refreshed for the first time after a long flight. That was probably due to the fact I was bumped up to business which meant I had a bed to lay flat in, delicious food and very attentive air stewards offering me another beer before I had even finished the previous. Finally, after touching down in Vancouver I was ushered to join an incredibly long, slow moving line to receive my work permit. Two hours later my passport was stamped, work permit issued and I was free to leave the airport and begin my new life in North America.

I arrived into downtown Vancouver 30 minutes later to meet Steve where I was able to offload my stuff and have a shower at our hostel. Surprisingly there was still a feeling of summer in the air which was a literal warm welcome after a long dark Melbourne winter. After some beers and about five hours of sleep it was 6am and I was wide-awake. I used this time to go for an early morning stroll and familiarize myself with the city. I walked along the waterfront watching the seaplanes take off over the endless mountains of dark green pine trees, a very Canadian setting.

After the others (Sophie, who had flown over with me to do a vintage on a winery, and Steve) awoke we set out to take care the admin tasks that go hand in hand with moving to a new country. New bank accounts, new phone plans and an SIN number. This was all taken care of within a few hours which meant we had the rest of the day to do with what ever we pleased. We decided that since the sun was out temporarily we would hire cycles and ride around Stanley Park, which has been named the worlds best park by someone, somewhere at sometime. It was a pretty nice ride, however the grass which I expected to be green and luscious was harsh and brown. The signs of a long hot summer.

The next few days were dedicated to looking for bedroom furniture on Craigslist. Steve had found us a room in a house in East Vancouver all we had to do was furnish it. After contacting a large number of sellers we found a nice guy called Rob who was moving to Scotland and offered us his apartment worth of furniture for free all we had to do was pick it up. We ended up going with the old North American cliché and hiring a U-Haul which was by far the most affordable option, just the driving on the other side of the road made us both a little apprehensive. It ended up being fine after the third left turn Steve had the hang of driving in Canada. By the end of the day we had a bed, bookshelf, bedside table, table and three chairs. We moved into our new place just a few days ago and it’s looking and feeling a lot like home now. Our new housemates are all very nice and sociable and seem happy to have Steve and I as part of their flat family.

Now the only thing left to do was to get a job. I had a tip from a friend to contact Expert Recruiters who she had used in the past. Well I met with a consultant on Wednesday and had a job the next day. So as of Tuesday I will be beginning my new job as an administrator for a Credit Union. The pays not the best and it’s not exactly what I was looking for in terms of a job but it’s only temporary and it’s a good feeling to know that I have will have cash coming in and can use the money I saved to move to Canada for more travel rather than watch it whittle away as I look for the right role for me.

It’s only day ten and things seem to be working out. Although the rain falls heavily on a daily basis there is still a hint of summer in the air.

Winter is just around the corner. Bring on round two.

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1 Response to Life in Canada

  1. Mum says:

    Great reading yet again Bradley, how I do enjoy reading about your life, some things I know, some things I didnt! Makes it all so interesting. Enjoy Canada, make the most of your life, we are only here for a short part of it. Take care, love you always Mum xx

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