What happens in Vegas…


After visiting Vegas last year I felt I had no reason to ever visit the city of sin again. That box was firmly ticked off. BUT as Steve’s baby sister was doing a trip around the US of A, Vegas seemed to be the most affordable option for the two siblings to meet.

As it was the very last day of my temp work assignment I was buzzing as I walked out the building for the last time and headed to the airport. Two hours and eight minutes later we had touched down at Mccarran International airport.

We took a taxi down the strip, ignited by flashing lights of every colour, towards our accommodation, Treasure Island. Upon entering the lobby I was hit with memories of my last visit to the city. The stench of cigarettes, obese zombies pulling handles on the side of old fashion slot machines and about a million tacky bachelorette parties. We managed a few moments of respite in the hotel room before meeting up with Steve’s sister and her boyfriend in the casino downstairs. From there we went from casino to casino, taking our time to push the bet buttons waiting for waitresses to offer us complimentary drinks (tips not included). I feel I tipped more than I actually bet money that night but actually managed to score $40! The night wrapped at around 3am outside the Bellagio fountain show (which actually finished seven hours earlier).


The next day we had breakfast and then made our way through basically every casino on the strip. The Belagio, Planet Hollywood, The Palms, Ceasers Palace, The Luxor, Mandalay Bay, New York New York, all provided the same shit, just with a different theme.

At around 3pm we made our way back up The Strip to the High Roller, the worlds biggest Ferris Wheel. Earlier in the week Steve had purchase vouchers for the four of us to ride the wheel with our own bar tender and an open bar!!! I took full advantage of this and managed to get down six Gin and Tonics in the 1/2 hour the wheel took to rotate (if it went round twice I think I would have been in trouble).


The rest of the trip was pretty much what you would expect from Vegas. More casino’s, flashing lights and cigarette smoke.

Shattered on a Sunday we made our way back to the airport to catch our flight home to Vancouver. Perhaps Vegas wasn’t the best idea when I was starting a new job the next day…

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