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Portland, Oregon

Have you ever seen the TV show Portlandia before? Basically it takes the piss out of the hipster culture that has grabbed hold of Oregon’s largest city. There are skits about enraged feminists, organic, free range produce and vegans products … Continue reading

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Coachella: 2015

In the huge build up to Coachella I must admit I wasn’t completely sure that this would be the festival for me. Compared to events that I had attended previously Coachella seemed like it was made for more of a … Continue reading

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Sugar Mountain Festival 2015

Sometimes the smallest festivals with the most obscure line ups are the absolute best. Sugar Mountain 2015 proved this statement correct giving Melbournians one hell of a crazy party last weekend. For just one extremely hot day Victorian College of … Continue reading

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Meredith Music Festival 2014

I know Meredith Music Festival came to an end roughly five days ago. I know the hangovers have subsided and the dust washed from each punters set of eyes. The sunburn has probably turned to a beautiful golden tan and … Continue reading

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Live Review: Aqua @ The Palais Theatre

Danish pop legends Aqua returned to Australia for their ‘Greatest Hits Tour’ and we were very unsure as to what to expect before arriving to The Palais Theatre on Monday night. It’s been seventeen years since the release of their … Continue reading

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A Chat with New Zealand Rap-Star Randa

Mainard Larkin AKA Randa is an up and coming New Zealand Rapper whose infectious rhymes have been in my head since February. Even if rap is not your go-to genre, Randa could certainly be the one to change the game … Continue reading

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Musically Reminiscing

This week I was exposed to the amazing line up for the Sugar Mountain Festival. Among the bands listed on the bill was ‘How to Dress Well’. The name seemed familiar to me but I could not figure out where … Continue reading

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