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Going Home

It’s pretty hard to believe that it has been over a month since I returned to Canada after visiting New Zealand for my sister’s wedding. I know I have been pretty slack at providing life updates so am going to … Continue reading

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Those BIG life moves

Moving to a new place is never an easy thing to do. Relocating to Canada would be the fifth time in my life that I have moved into the unknown but this does not make the experience any easier. I … Continue reading

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Home for a Wedding

You know you’ve graduated to the next step in life when you stop receiving invites to 21st Birthday parties and start receiving wedding invitations. I’m stoked that people find me significant enough to want me to be involved in their … Continue reading

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A Chat with New Zealand Rap-Star Randa

Mainard Larkin AKA Randa is an up and coming New Zealand Rapper whose infectious rhymes have been in my head since February. Even if rap is not your go-to genre, Randa could certainly be the one to change the game … Continue reading

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Another New Zealander making waves in the Fashion World: Sean Kelly

Tonight is the final of season 13 of Project Runway. It’s a show that I have never really paid attention to until recently when I stumbled across this article. This season of the fashion design reality show features a 24 … Continue reading

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A chat with Fashion Blogger – Isaac Hindin-Miller

Isaac Hindin-Miller is an inspiration to any creative New Zealander wanting to escape the small town lifestyle and achieve their goals on a global scale. Now based in New York City, Hindin-Miller writes fashion pieces for a number of big … Continue reading

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Put your hands up for Christchurch

I remember leaving Christchurch. It was the start of summer back in 2008, I packed my Honda Civic to the roof, left my hose key under the back doormat for the landlord and drove down St Asaph Street with a … Continue reading

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Capital Culture

Last weekend saw the release of the final episode of the first season of Capital Culture, a Youtube mockumentary series based around the lives of four up and coming creative types trying to make it in Wellington. Willoughby, the barista/DJ, … Continue reading

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Who listens to Radio?

Three years ago I listened to the radio basically every single hour I was awake. On the car ride to work, in the office we would flick on Triple J, on the way home from work and then as background … Continue reading

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Laneway – Melbourne – 2014

If you have been following my posts thus far you will probably realise that I am not the most patriotic person and will often criticise the people of New Zealand and the things they tend to celebrate as a country. … Continue reading

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